The Greatest Adventure of Them All

I figure the best place to start with my first post is at the beginning, at the birth. I am a newly minted mom with a 6 week old baby who is currently (and seemingly always) perched on my arm. My little Rose was born in December, right before Christmas.

Maybe I should back up even further into the pre-baby days….

I’ve always wanted to be a mom and looked forward to this, I can honestly say, for my entire life. After living life as the youngest in a family of 4, my half-sisters joined us when I was 6 and 8. I received the obligatory pre-younger sibling doll the preceding Christmas and then when the real thing came along, I was in heaven. Old enough to remember them at each stage, to want to help with everything, and then the perfect age to boss them around throughout their young years, I was in my element. I credit my baby sisters with why I’ve always felt so confident with little ones, spent countless hours babysitting in high school, and why I always want to pluck babies out of their mothers arms when I meet them.

I remember hearing about women looking forward to their weddings their entire lives and planning them way in advance. I never gave that day much thought until it actually came along. But I did think about, fantasize, and wish for the day I became a mother for as long as I remember.

OK, maybe not the actual day I became a mother (that part I sort of hoped would come and go without too much fanfare) but I’ve always had my little girl (yes I always assumed I’d have a girl) in my mind, thought about her, planned for her, and felt like my life was always leading up to her. Like everything before her arrival was just the pre-game to the main event. Don’t get me wrong, it was a full pre-game and I took the pre-game activities VERY seriously. I didn’t get married until I was 32 so I had an amazing time in my 20s with the greatest girlfriends (you know who you are) gallivanting around the greatest city (San Francisco). But I still looked to the future, excited about the baby chapter.

Of course birth is more involved than what I had pictured, something I started to realize once I became pregnant and began my research. Our pregnancy went really well, I had no issues, not even a day of morning sickness. I didn’t really ‘pop’ until pretty late in the game and I was doing yoga until my due date. But pregnancy always felt like a means to an end and not being someone anyone describes as “patient”, I was eager to meet my baby approximately 30 minutes after peeing on the stick.

Little Rose taught me my first lesson in parenthood right from the get-go, that things are no longer within my control. She was 10 days late and clearly making me work for it. Her fine art of anticipation only made us more enthusiastic for her arrival and after achieving the exact birth experience we wanted, my husband and I were overwhelmed with our love for little Rose straight away. She had a natural water birth and was perfectly healthy, loud and quite mature given her late arrival.

Things have gone smoothly over the past 6 weeks thanks to the many visitors and lots of love and support. We’ve had a pause in our visitors now so I am enjoying our one on one time, bonding with her (day and night), working out the partnership kinks with my husband, and planning for the little adventures we go on each day.

It is all even better than I imagined it would be, even with the inherent challenging moments. So now that the main event is here, the moment I looked to for years and the time I’ve known will be the highlight of my life, all I can say is..let the games begin!

– Mumsy Sus


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