Valentine’s Dinner for Three

Happy Valentine’s Day folks!!!  I’ve got big plans for tonight.  I’m putting on a fancy dress and heels.  The super romantic Italian restaurant down the street will be serving us up a decedent Italian feast.  We’ll dine by candlelight.  Sounds pretty romantic, right? 

This is all going to happen in my kitchen with my 3 year old daughter there too.  Still romantic?  Not really.  But it’ll be fun!

Kiki and I got up this morning and put a red tablecloth on the table and covered it with cut-out pink hearts and tea light candles.  Then we hung up some signs that she had painted with hearts.  We blew up a bunch of pink balloons and spread them all out on the ground.  Kiki is going to wear her brand new fancy dress that she got for Valentine’s Day (it’s blue tulle and she has been eying it for weeks at Target – every time she saw it she would pick it up and say “it’s so beautiful Mommy and it’s just my size!”).  Hubby is picking up dinner on the way home and will hopefully be pleasantly surprised by the ambiance that we have created in the kitchen. 


What can I say?  Romance changes after you become parents.  Hey maybe I’ll luck out and Kiki will actually sleep through the night tonight.  Now that would be romantic. 

What are your Valentine’s Day plans?



3 thoughts on “Valentine’s Dinner for Three

  1. We made scones for breakfast and A made me a vase at preschool (and apparently have daddy a wink, wink, nudge, nudge with said vase)! I got hubby a card and I’m making homemade Mac and cheese for dinner, which is one of the ONLY meals that the adults, the three year old and the 9.5 month old can all agree on 🙂

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