Obama Cares About Your BREAST(milk)!

To state the obvious, there are so many things one must buy when having a baby. One of the expensive items that is very unglamorous but necessary for many is a breast pump. Yep, a pump for your knockers to extract milk so that if you are breastfeeding, one day, mom can be away from her baby for longer than 3 hours, either for work or convenience. Upwards of $200, electric breast pumps are both a godsend and home-based torture devices.

Pumping is a pain. You have to find the time to do it, you can’t really hold your baby while doing it and it doesn’t exactly tickle. Not to mention how absurd it looks. I regularly catch my husband stealing curious looks at me when I’m pumping. And I don’t blame him.

One way the breast pumping process is getting slightly less painful is with Obamacare. That’s right, our fearless leader threw us moms a bone and now requires health insurers to cover the purchase of a breast pump. For many, the coverage went into effect on January 1st and when a mom has a new baby, the breast pump is now covered.

If you’d like to get a (free) breast pump, here are a few quick steps you can follow:

  • Contact your insurance provider and confirm it will be covered and when the coverage will apply. You might need to provide some documentation about the baby and they could have a time frame in which coverage applies.
  • Your insurance provider should share the list of preferred Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Providers you can contact to order the pump or you can look on their website.
  • Most insurance companies have a formulary for the pump so once you get in touch with the DME companies, inquire about which ones are available to you. I have Aetna and was able to get the Madela Pump In Style through a company called Edgepark.
  • Your pump should be 100% covered with no co-pay or deductible.

When I was researching this a few months ago, I kept getting turned around about the benefit so my hope is that this might help a new mom or a mom with a new baby….who now gets to splurge on a new breast pump. Whoo-hoo!

I guess this is one way pumping will be slightly less painful…even if it is just for our wallets.

Happy pumping,
Mumsy Sus


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