Surprise Used to be a Four Letter Word

Being a planner, our pregnancy and birth had very few surprises. Sure it was all new to us but given the research we did and the fact that we were lucky we didn’t have any complications along the way, each step sort of happened according to plan. Even our birth plan. I do realize this is a small miracle. Now that we have our little baby, I can’t say the same has been true during the past 2 months of her life.

Everything feels like a surprise…in a great way. Somehow, my planning skills have been tossed out of the nursery window, perhaps along with my time to read any of the books lining our shelves about childrearing. We know the basics, our family helps to fill in the obvious gaps and when we hit little hiccups, we do the necessary research to get back on track. This process works for now. And it means that each new ‘trick’ our infant learns and each new alteration in her schedule feels like a huge surprise gift. I have to say it is more fun to see her bat at toys for the first time and feel like she is genius than to have anticipated it for days or weeks. When she smiled I wasn’t watching the clock waiting for it and when she giggled at me, I was completely caught off guard and did what any new mom would do…started bawling with happiness! I’m not completely off the grid so I know vaguely what is coming but it has been really nice to just watch it unfold. And Rose really is a genius. Obviously.

One thing that has been a huge surprise is my husband during the past 2 months. Now my husband really is the greatest guy I’ve met and my one true love. He is handsome, kind, patient, funny, and full of love. Plus he is British which will always feel like the icing on the cake, especially now that reading aloud is part of our daily routine. I won the lottery with him and thank my lucky stars all the time. Especially now.

He has been such a source of entertainment and so good at pointing out the hilarity of a newborn. From imitating her grunts to naming her cries (the “seagull” is a frequent one you might relate to), giving her sweet nicknames and of course…mocking me. The lightness this adds to those stressful moments has created an undercurrent of fun that makes me enjoy it all in a great way. Sure there are some serious moments like when she got a bad rash and there are some times when the jokes don’t help like at hour 3 in the middle of the night. But all in all, it is necessary for us and for me. Plus, this is such a fun time! It is a happy, silly, creative, and super lovey-dovey time for us as a new family. The cooing, smiles, pudgy thighs and cozy afternoon naps are what happiness is made of.

Kids are hilarious and given what a kick we get out of her when she is a mere 2 months old, I can’t WAIT for when she is walking, talking, and joining in the mockery herself.

If there is one thing I won’t be surprised about, it is that this little one is going to be a very funny little tyke. Especially if she takes after her dad. Don’t worry, I’ll be writing down all her best one-liners….


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