Happy Birthday!

I apologize for the late timing of this post!

We had a busy, non-stop day celebrating my husband’s birthday, including breakfast in bed, homemade birthday cake from scratch, a tasty baked ziti and a kid-friendly potluck lunch for 20. Followed by party clean-up, tubby time, including a lengthy stain-sticking session of Peanut’s party dress (white was a poor choice of color), nighttime walk in the snow, bedtime stories and off to dreamland. To say that I am wiped out from the day’s activities (and an oncoming head cold) is an understatement, but it is the kind of wiped out feeling that fills you with so much gratitude, because of all you have to celebrate and be grateful for.

Birthdays are always a nice time to reflect on the year past and the year ahead. Peanut has given that reflection a whole new meaning. Our year is not only measured by our successes and accomplishments, but by hers as well, if not more so.

We may have taken that new position at work, but Peanut took her first steps.

We may have reached our goal to keep a clean house, but Peanut learned how to clean up after herself.

We may have found more time to knit, read or engage in a favorite hobby, but Peanut is just beginning to develop her interests through continued engagement with her surroundings, beginning to become her own person.

Reflecting on my husband’s birthday and the past year with Peanut, I realize that the support we provide to our children is perhaps our greatest accomplishment of all, as it provides an environment that allows them to succeed and grow.

I apologize for the short post (see my previous comment about feeling wiped out), but I suppose that the overall message is short and sweet. BIrthdays are a time to celebrate and reflect on yet another year, but children give us a reason to celebrate everyday (even in white, baked ziti, birthday cake stained clothes).


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