The SAHM Dress Code

Have you ever looked on at all the different social groups in your area?  If you are looking for a resource to help you find those crucial Mommy friends that you need to help you survive motherhood, then you should check it out.  They have groups of every variety – Single Moms, Moms Over 40, Moms Who Exercise, Moms of Multiples, Crafty Moms, Moms of Blond Girls Whose Names Start with P…  You get my point.  There are groups for everyone.  

When I moved to New England I searched through all the various Mom groups on in my area in search of one (or more) that I wanted to join.  I came across one that sounded pretty good.  The description talked about playdates in the park, museum outings, girls’ nights out, and even couples events.  Then I got to the bottom of the page and saw this line:

   There is nothing wrong with jeans and sneakers but this is a group for moms who like to wear lipstick and yes, look put together. (Please do not join if this is not you)

I laughed out loud.  These were not my people.

The dress code for being a SAHM is truly one of my favorite perks of the gig.  Who’s with me? 

Back in the baby days I would put “take a shower” on my to-do list and be proud of myself if I managed to cross it off the list.  You are so tired that you can’t even function.  You are dealing with every bodily fluid there is – one time my baby actually managed to spit up into my mouth (yep that really happened).  Mothering a newborn is disgusting work.   

Even as your kids get older motherhood is still a dirty profession.  You crawl on the floor chasing and playing with your kids until you wear holes in your jeans.  It’s impossible to carry an umbrella while you are toting a little one, so if it’s raining, you just get wet.  When the weather is nice you spend your days sitting on the sidewalk coloring with sidewalk chalk.  And it is almost impossible to get through a day without getting food of some kind on your clothes.  Why in the world would you want to wear something that you were worried about messing up?

So for those of you moms who look polished at the playground – more power to you.  But that is not for me.  I save my “fancy” clothes for date nights and girls’ nights.Image


4 thoughts on “The SAHM Dress Code

  1. I totally agree with you, however, I cannot freaking wait until I can get dressed in the morning (in nothing more than jeans and a t-shirt, mind you) and NOT have to change until it’s time to change into pajamas at night. I hate that as soon as I manage to shower, I feel gross again within the hour. And my other pet-peeve (since you have me on a roll) of being a SAHM is that I have to thoroughly clean our kitchen and dining room 4-5 times a day. My kids make such a giant mess every time they eat, it’s unbelievable. My ultimate dream in life is to have some sort of fairy who comes and does that job for me because honestly, every evening at 6:30pm, I look at the mess from dinner and I feel like burning the place down instead of cleaning it AGAIN.

  2. I would like to put a spy camera in these put together moms’ home and see how they do it. My parents often remind me that even if I am a stay at home mom, I should look put together out of respect for myself (and so my husband doesn’t see me as a slob haha). I just try to do my best.

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