The Princess Phase (and LMJ Update)

Hi everyone!  Thanks for reading again this week.  I am so happy to hear from so many of you.  Some great warmth has come from some very unexpected sources – college, grad school, high school – and I appreciate it all.  People have surprised us in so many ways (and mostly in good ways).

I should have known better than to introduce Vera with her disorder first.  I work in healthcare as an occupational therapist.  I work in Early Intervention doing home visits with children birth-3 to work on daily living skills, so I learned all about person first language in school and various trainings.  Person-first language is saying something like “A Child with autism” rather than “An Autistic child” (capital and lower case letters thoughtfully placed).  I think you can forgive me because she is so young and I am just getting to know her.  Vera is amazing, astounding really – vocal, strong, thoughtful, good natured, charming and I know I’ve mentioned cute.  She is mostly very very happy but when she isn’t you hear from her and you know why.  She is a terrible sleeper.  She has a very strong impact on people who meet her (who are a lucky few) and I look forward to getting to know more about her and introducing her to all our friends and neighbors.  We really don’t have much more information but I promise to keep everyone posted in this way when we do.

On the Little Miss front, we have entered “The Princess Phase”.  I’m not going to lie when I say I’ve been dreading this a little bit.  I don’t consider myself a “girly” girl – though I watched and loved my fair share of Disney.  I guess I have always lumped the princesses with Barbie and Walt Disney is evil and all that but now that we’re here I don’t mind the princesses as much as I thought I would.  First, my daughter’s very vivid imagination has been captivated.  From our house we take the princesses on Safari, airplane rides to visit her friend in Portland, and to St. John for some beach time and snorkeling.  Second, most princesses are kind, good to their living parent (which I realize is not usually the mother), and unwilling to settle for a life that’s been handed to them.  They all have a sense for adventure.  I don’t think she’s going to learn her life lessons from the princesses and if the aforementioned qualities are something she admires and wants for herself then I’m game.

So as I sit here writing this the family is sitting together – Hubby playing with Little Miss Jr. on the floor as she rolls around on a borrowed activity mat, Little Miss is watching Beauty and the Beast on the TV and I’m enjoying some time for my thoughts and this family activity as my backdrop.  It’s a good life and I’m a lucky girl.  A lucky lucky girl.  And I love the music from Beauty and the Beast so no complaints on the viewing material 😉


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