Preschool Stress

This will be a short post. My mind and soul, and evening time with DaddyKush (my husband) have been taken over by preschool talks. We have been waitlisted by two preschools (one is a coop and one is a private Montessori school). We are still waiting on the result of a neighborhood public school which I desperately want Lemon Cake to get in as not only is it walking distance from our home but it is also a Montessori school, a method of education I believe would be wonderful for Lemon Cake, and well, it would also be free. The chance of getting into that school is less than 1 in 10 and it is based on a lottery system. So, maybe a miracle will happen. We are also trying to figure out how to incorporate a bilingual education for Lemon Cake, and eventually baby Banana, into the mix of this preschool stress mess.

            We are faced with the following options:

  1. Stay in current high quality neighborhood preschool program (very affordable tuition as it is run by the city and Lemon Cake loves it) + insanely expensive Chinese summer school program to jump start his Chinese+ once a week Chinese school
  2. Withdraw from current program and Lemon Cake only goes to insanely expensive Chinese after school program four days a week
  3. Stay in current program + going to insanely expensive after school Chinese program (not only will this be very expensive for us, but we both believe this will be too much school for Lemon Cake at this age)
  4. Maybe accepted into private Montessori school (insanely expensive)+ weekend Chinese school (but will he really learn any Chinese?)
  5. Maybe accepted into public Montessori school (yay! Free!) + afterschool Chinese program (but again too much school in a day?) or weekend Chinese school

 I will not bore and confuse you more with details but I think you get the picture. Of course, we also have to take baby Banana into account. She goes to a nanny share right now one morning a week so I can have three hours to myself. It is not even really to myself, it’s more like necessary appointments, grocery shopping and running errands. If you have kids, you know that three hours of “free time” goes by like a snap. DaddyKush also wants baby Banana to go to the same home based Montessori program Lemon Cake went to, and we have to take that into our budgeting and schedules as well. He half joked that we need to liquidate whatever it is in their college fund accounts to pay for their preschools. Whatever ends up happening, all the pick-up and drop-off times at the different places in between the two kids will also have to be coordinated to ensure as little stress or wasted time as possible.

Am I over worried? Yes. Are these “first world” and “privileged” problems? Yes. Am I being a tiger mom? Maybe. Are Lemon Cake and baby Banana going to be happy and learn a lot wherever they go as long as the teachers are great? Yes. Will they be fine if they only know English? Yes. I know all of this of course.

Going to sit on the couch and eat ice cream before my head explodes.



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