“Look honey, it’s a fire truck! The fire truck is going to put out a fire! Hear the siren? What a loud noise!”

Before Peanut was born, I had no idea the power of these simple words spoken from parents to children. In fact, I thought it sounded pretty stupid. Are you kidding me lady? The kid doesn’t know what a fire truck is, let alone a fire or a truck.

But you know what?

She does.

One of the most amazing parts of being a parent has been having the privilege and opportunity to watch Peanut learn. Before having Peanut, I had no idea what learning for a baby/toddler really looked like. Friends would tell me, Jennie is learning sign language and Bobby is learning how to say please and thank you. And my brain would be wondering, how does it all really happen?

Since having Peanut, I have been able to answer that question, when I really should have understood it all along (just another thing that Peanut has taught me!)  Ultimately we learn through our environment, by interacting with it, witnessing it and engaging with it. Of course one year olds don’t instinctively know what a fire truck is, or fire or a truck.  But by showing them, whether it be driving by on the street or in Richard Scarry’s Big Book of Words (a favorite in our house), explaining it to them (see title of post) and by repeating this process again and again, voila, learning occurs. To reference one of my fellow blogger’s previous posts, a baby is a tiny human, so why wouldn’t Peanut learn about a fire truck the same way I learned about the Civil War in my high school history class?

Now when I see those parents talking to their toddlers, “Look honey, it’s a dog! The dog says woof woof! Can you say woof woof?” I appreciate the time and dedication that is spent towards providing a learning experience in its purest form. I also realize that I have become one 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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