Moving Right Along

So, we are moving right along.  With The Little Mermaid in the background (my personal fave) I have a moment to pause and reflect and write.  Sidenote:  is it wrong to get veggies into my kid by spoon feeding them to her while she watches a movie?  No, don’t answer that.  I don’t like to feel judged.

Obviously, the princess phase continues but our wait for genetic results is over.  5.5 weeks later (a very long time, indeed!) I am happy to share that LMJ’s genes are perfectly normal and we are officially sliding into the category of autoimmune neutropenia.  She is likely to outgrow it by the age of 5, but we don’t know when or if.  Still, I’m relieved to know and move forward.  My goal is to keep her safe and healthy and I am building a medical team with that same goal.  My PCP is on board.  We have a 2nd opinion from an expert in the field scheduled on her 5 month birthday, which is a little sad, but good to go ahead ASAP and then we will have chosen a hematologist.  We’re all set with community, friends, and family thanks to all of you.

Today we went to a St. Patty’s Day party and it was really fun.  We also had our last swim lesson of the session and I’m glad LM and I signed up as an extra way to spend time together after LMJ was born – that idea paid off in spades, even though it was exhausting and I’m glad not to have a Saturday activity for a bit.

I’ve had some less than proud parenting moments this week, behaving like a teenage babysitter at times when sleep deprivation and consistent anxiety has gotten the best of me, but I am still “good enough”.

LM made me laugh today when I told her we’d have to say “Happy St. Patty’s Day” and she said, incredulously, “What’d you say, mom?”  When I repeated it she chuckled, “Oh, I thought you said it was Pink Potty Day”.  So I leave you with the joke my family told each other all day – Happy Pink Potty Day to you!


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