Rainy Days and Mondays

Monday’s are not the most popular day of the week. Mondays might try to convince you that Tuesdays are no more popular than they are, but it’s not true. Monday is low man on the totem pole. The normal reasons abound, what with the start of the work week, the end of your weekend, back to the grind and all that.. Well we have a new fun ritual, blood draw Mondays.

There’s nothing like starting the week off with a trip to the phlebotomists to draw blood from your newborn. This is Monday. A new normal can take shape slowly. The parking attendants at the hospital are becoming recognizable. One of them likes my Darth Vader key chain (he should, it’s awesome) The route that I once had to Google map is now second nature. I’m familiar with the hospital. Not a place you really want to be familiar with.

I held LMJ’s little hand while the doctors rolled up her sleeves to find a vein. The woman checked both arms and asked me, “She give blood recently?” (obvious bruising)… I replied dryly, “Every week.”


The task done we drove home through morning traffic. LMJ dozed peacefully in the backseat. She really is a trooper. Before she was born you can’t help but reflect on your experience with your first child. Would LMJ be just like her big sister? Up until then raising LM was all we knew. It’s funny because in many ways these girls are polar opposites.

LM was a screamer. There was no riding peacefully in back seats. Boy could she scream. That child could scream for hours… days… weeks. She was the poster child for colic. She came into the world screaming and she didn’t stop for five months. She screamed in the stroller. She screamed at her baby toys. She screamed from the back seat.

I remember taking LM to a ‘daddy and me’ class during those early months. There was much trepidation over the potential for public screaming. It was a room full of new dad’s with their infants. The class was run by a very, very sensitive wannabe cast member of the former show thirty-something.. And yes he had a pony tail. He was literally sensitive pony tail man. He had lots of useful tips for new dads. To be honest the class wasn’t so much about learning, as it was about giving mom a few hours of quiet time.

Anyways, sensitive pony tail man finished every class with a question session. This particular day, people were asking about bed time rituals and good ways for putting a newborn to sleep. Well as it happens, we had to wrap our little scream machine tight like an Egyptian mummy in a super swaddle and bounce on an exercise ball a few thousand times to put her down. That was our normal at the time. Well this day I chimed in to ask if anybody else has to let their newborn ‘scream it out’ for 10-15 minutes before they put their child to bed. Ponytail’s look of horror and revulsion told me that was not a group sharing detail. Too late.

So I’m driving home pondering our current ‘normal’. We don’t mummy wrap LM anymore, and now she’s a very good sleeper. LMJ is not a screamer really… I’d say she has a general air of calm that LM didn’t exhibit… but she’s a terrible sleeper. To call her a light sleeper is an injustice to light sleepers… And part of her normal right now includes weekly blood tests.

Someday this will not be our normal. Our genetic test results tell us that she will hopefully outgrow her current affliction. Eventually our normal will not involve regular hospital visits, bruised little arms, and tears. I look forward to that day.

Tell me why I don’t like Mondays.


One thought on “Rainy Days and Mondays

  1. Hospitals and young children are just an awful combination. My first born was hospitalized for a week at 18 months and it was pure torture watching her be poked and prodded. I hope that your little girl grows out of her affliction soon, for your sake and hers.

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