The Littlest Party Hostess

I’ve always been WAY into parties. From when I was little and hosted Disney-themed and baseball-focused birthday parties to when I was older and threw an epic space party in college. Then in my 20’s, living in San Francisco, I started the annual tradition of the SusaBeth Party Weekend with my girlfriends in partnership with my BFF.

I like all types of parties. Impromptu get-togethers, formal dinner parties, keggers, weddings, costume parties, showers, wine tastings, and even just an awards show watching party.

I don’t discriminate.

I like getting people together, celebrating, letting our hair down, cooking, telling jokes, playing games, making small talk…or big talk. But there is one type of party I like more than any other. And that is one that I get to host.

I’ve hosted my fair share of parties and after we moved into our current home 2 years ago, I realized I finally had the space I craved to have all sorts of parties from BBQ pool parties in the summer to Christmas cocktail parties in the winter. After moving in, I planned the biggest party of them all…our wedding. Then we got pregnant and while we’ve had a few showers, lots of weekend guests, and a few folks over here and there to swim and BBQ, we haven’t had any real BIG parties. Now we have our little baby Rose and I can feel the urge stirring within me.

This little girl is going to have some fun birthday parties, heck even some awesome half-birthday parties. I wasn’t sure how one throws a party with a new baby so we dipped our toe in the water by having about 9 moms and dads and babies over last Friday night.

It was fun getting a few easy apps together and tidying up her nursery so her little baby friends could see it. And when everyone was here, the hallway lined with car seats and 9 little babies balanced on 9 mom laps while the dads guzzled beer and gave our pool table some attention, I saw how easy and fun it could be. New parents are the easiest people to entertain. All they want is a drink (or two), a comfortable place to nurse, change and play with their baby and the rare opportunity to socialize with other adults. Bonus points if the other adults are in the same boat on the baby front.

While my husband and I had a great time seeing these friendly faces in our home, our littlest host, Rose, seemed less than thrilled. At one point she was doing the full scream with pumping tantrum legs. Could it be two party animals gave birth to someone who doesn’t like parties? The jury is still out on that but we let her have the night off from her hosting duties.

So she and I stole away and had a private party in my room for much of the night so she could relax, get a break from the noise and have her mom to herself.

The good news is that our private mommy-daughter cuddle party is my new favorite type of party. And it is one I get to have every day.

Cheers and hope your weekend is full of parties, both big and small.


Screen Shot 2013-03-22 at 8.26.07 AM


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