The Mommy Hour Discovery

I made an amazing discovery this week – for some readers it will be useless (maybe even judged – ah!) and for others it will be, “well, d’uh”.  This discovery is the “mommy hour”.  Please allow me to spin the tale of how I have discovered this magical hour and how I plan to spend it every Thursday and Friday from 4pm-5pm.

Friday morning I spent four hours at the Museum of Science with two little ladies – well, three and a good friend of mine, actually.  As usual, it was a wonderful way to spend a day but I have found myself in a bit of a conundrum since LM stopped napping.  For one, the days are loooooooonger.  For another she is cranky because she could still really use that nap.  She is “phasing it out” as they say which means she can stay awake, even on a 20 minute car ride home from the museum, but she and her attitude could still use the peaceful slumber, in my most humble of opinions.

And I do mean humble.  We had a moment, among many, at the museum when it was time to leave and LM screamed “NO!” in my face, at the top of her lungs.  It was a “juke box” moment which refers to the scene in a movie when the music comes to a screeching halt, all sound diminishes, and all eyes are on the dramatic scene.  With tiny and big eyes on me alike, I felt the embarrassment in my cheeks at, once again, being schooled by my threenager in public.  It is humbling indeed.  I had no magic trick, I didn’t handle the situation perfectly, I just made my way through the moment and we got going.

I arrived home exhausted and a bit feverish.  At my utter dismay it was 3:30.  3:30!?!?!?  I couldn’t imagine that we were still hours from dinner, and even more hours until bed time.  What was I going to do with 3:30 on?  As I frantically raced through my mind for an activity that required my minimal supervision and LM’s maximum engagement I had a flash of Oprah saying “this content is not appropriate for young children so if there are any in the room we will take a minute so they can leave.”  LIGHT BULB!!  That means people sat and watched Oprah WITH their young children all the time.  Of course they did and while Oprah is no longer a choice, Ellen is and then the magic happened.  I turned on Ellen, sat down in my red chair with feet up.  LMJ breast fed and fell asleep while I met LM’s most basic of needs, “wipe me”, “I’m hungry”, “my leg hurts” but otherwise I thoroughly immersed myself in JLo’s interview soaking in tales of dance parties with Casper and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Thus the birth of “mommy hour” in my house when I have both girls all day long, neither of them sleeping very much at all.  Do I love exposing my 3 year old to media such as JLo and the winner of American Idol?  No, I don’t love it.  But it is child friendly and LM mostly scooted around the floor telling herself stories and proclaiming her boredom.  Win.


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