My Favorite Things

Being a stay at home mom with two small children takes a lot of hard work, and a lot of emotional and mental energy. This is a blog to remind myself and also to let you know there are lots and lots of wonderful and delightful things I get to experience every day. It is not JUST exhaustion and frustrations.


Lemon Cake, “I want to put baby Banana in the garbage can.” (ok maybe a little disturbing also)

Lemon Cake, “You love me even when I am being a stinker!?!”

After I explain what a “goal” is, he says, “I don’t like goals.” Like father like son, definitely not me.

Baby Banana found a box of granola bars from a grocery bag and decided to bring it to the bathroom and dipped it repeatedly into the toilet bowl.

Baby Banana saying no or scolding Lemon Cake in gibberish after he shouts at her or take her toy away. Of course, sometimes she just cries helplessly.


Lemon Cake, “I love you so so much Mommy. I love you even when I am not feeling well. I really really love you.”

Baby Banana brings over books for me to read and back her bottom into my lap to snuggle up while reading.

Lemon Cake telling me how much he loves daddy.

Baby Banana hears daddy coming home and crawls at super speed to the hallway yelling Dada! Dada!


It has been amazing to watch baby banana went from taking one step to now taking multiple steps. She still most prefers crawling since she is so much faster that way. She is also an amazing climber.

Baby Banana eating with a fork (and insisting on using a fork). She gets mad when I help her spear something onto her fork, especially if it is food she doesn’t care for. She rips the food off the fork and throws it across the kitchen.

Anytime Lemon Cake shows love, affection and care for his friends, his sister and his family. Anytime Lemon Cake says please, thank you, you are welcome, may I…. and apologize to friends after conflicts without any prompting.

Lemon Cake adjusted to his new school tremendously quickly.

Lemon Cake being so brave at his dental visit. He had two nursing cavities that needed to be fixed. It involved two Novocain shots, drilling, polishing, keeping mouth wide open for extended periods of time…etc. He cooperated the entire time. Of course, a lot of the credit goes to the amazing dentist and being allowed to watch videos throughout the visit.

Enjoyable and sweet:

Baby Banana and Lemon Cake love playing chase with each other. They go into the different bedrooms, crawling, rolling in bed together and playing peekaboo with each other. It is funny and so sweet to watch. The laughter, squealing and screaming is quite a scene. I have to supervise closely as Lemon Cake can get carried away and end up being physically to rough with baby Banana (i.e. jumping on the bed right near baby Banana’s head).

Lemon Cake is mostly very articulate and clear with his speech so I just love it when he cannot pronounce something correctly because it is so cute. He says “libilit” instead of “little bit”. It brings a smile to my face every time he says it.

Lemon Cake trying to make me feel better after telling me he wanted to be with Daddy. “I want to be with you a lot of the times Mama. I just want to be with Daddy libilit of time.” (I was not feeling bad at all. I was ecstatic to take a break haha)

Amusing (and potentially frustrating):

Baby Banana squishing a ripe pear and making a big mess instead of eating it. I reminded her to please eat the pear instead of squishing it. Lemon Cake then proceeded to offer her a piece of his pear and repeatedly ask her, “Do you want to squish it? Do you want to squish it?”

Like I told Daddykush just yesterday, being with Lemon Cake and baby Banana is series of moments of delight, intense frustration, annoyance, relaxation (if they nap/have quiet time together), reflection, exhaustion, pride and laughter all mixed together. Like today, Baby Banana was crabby all morning. It was probably a combination of waking up extra early, teething and having a cold. She was crying over everything and wanted me to hold her the whole time. As for Lemon Cake, after having a superbly wonderful morning, got angry at me as the timer went off indicating time for potty and getting ready for school, proceeded to dump his pee all over the bathroom floor instead of into the toilet bowl to flush it. I was PISSED and I most certainly yelled. It was not a pretty scene. 


One thought on “My Favorite Things

  1. I love this! So many intense emotions…one after the other after the other. One time LM peed in her bed during “quiet time” because she was mad at me. Not a pretty day at all!

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