Daddies Do it Different

“Can you please at least make sure she brushes her teeth while I’m gone?” I said to Hubby on the way to the airport for my girls’ weekend away (woohoo!).  Hubby’s response, “hey, let’s just suppose she doesn’t brush her teeth for 2 days.  It’s not going to kill her.”  I clench my jaw but say nothing.  Besides I’m bustin’ free of Mommytown.

I then turn around to Kiki and ask her what she and Daddy will have for lunch.  She simply replies, “gluten.”  We don’t eat a lot of gluten, since I have Celiac Disease, so in my absence she is exactly right.  Daddy will make sure there is gluten in every single meal.  He might even sprinkle wheat flour on top of her veggies just for fun.   No, wait, who am I kidding?  He won’t be serving her vegetables.

I turn back to Hubby and say, “will you please feed her some veggies?”  His response:  “once again, let’s just suppose she doesn’t eat any veggies for 2 days….”  Ok fine.  He’s right.  Two days without veggies won’t kill her.  It may, however, kill me if I don’t get this two-day escape from Mommytown.  So I smile, kiss them both goodbye, and gleefully skip into the airport.

I’m not sure how things go in your house, but in our house Daddies Do it Different.   Here’s some examples for your enjoyment…

Situation:  It’s 30 minutes before bedtime (the homestretch!)

Mommy Reaction:  Time to do a puzzle, read some books, or play a board game.  In other words, start taking it down a few notches.

Daddy Reaction:  Time to race around the kitchen table, help Kiki do flips, and have tickle fights.

Situation:  Leaving the house for a chunk of time to do errands, go to museum, or what have you

Mommy Reaction:  Make sure I have the following….appropriate accessories for the weather (hat, gloves, and coat or sunscreen and sunhat), activity book to entertain Kiki at a restaurant, change of clothes in the car just in case, fresh bottle of water, and the always-crucial snacks.

Daddy Reaction:  Got the keys.  Got the kid.  Ready to go.

Situation:  Breakfast for Kiki

Mommy Reaction:  Cereal, waffle, bagel, or some other form of carb.  Milk.  Generous serving of fresh fruit.

Daddy Reaction:  A lonely bowl of cereal.

Situation:  The poking or tickling that Kiki found fun and silly at first, she now finds annoying and she asks you to stop.

Mommy Reaction:  Stop.  Why in the world would I want to agitate the bear?

Daddy Reaction:  Keep poking and laugh as Kiki gets annoyed.


Interested in more examples?  Check out Daddies Do it Different by Alan Lawrence Sitomer.  It’s a favorite in our house.


One thought on “Daddies Do it Different

  1. My husband hates carrying diaper bag around and often opts not to. I often carry the diaper bag + lunch bag with snacks filled to the the gym, full water bottle and a milk bottle + both kids haha I can certainly relate to the bits about “got key, got kid, let’s go”.

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