Top Ten Things I Didn’t Realize Would Happen Before I Had Kids

10.  I live on the floor.  I eat on the floor, I lie on the floor, I sit on the floor, I get up and down from the floor no less than 800 times a day.

9.  My relationships with family and friends would change significantly whether I wanted it to or not.  Some of that has been good (wonderful, even), some has been bad (I’m sorry to say) and some just different.

8.  I realized I wouldn’t sleep, I realized I wouldn’t have as much time for me, I did not realize that I would not shower.

7.  I was never going to be that person who loved my dog less.  I am that person.

6.  I knew that I would be responsible for little people but the magnitude of that responsibility is hard to explain and even greater with LMJ’s medical needs (injections, staying at home so we can be close to Children’s Hospital, overnight trips are out of the question).

5.  I enjoy just being at home.  I have never been a homebody, always an active person, but now we can spend full days indoors occupied and happy.

4.  I didn’t realize my full capacity to make things talk.  I can do this for hours a day, some days.  Not happily, but I do it.

3.  Some of my best friends were out there to meet still – other moms who would talk with me, laugh with me, cry with me and help me shoulder the burden of the ultimate responsibility I described above.  I’m sure there are still many wonderful men and women I will meet through this journey, and that makes me happy.

2.  For two solid years of my life (the first year of both of my children) I will walk around with “spit-up” on my clothes and hair.  Spit-up is vomit but nobody wants to call it that.

1.  I was so adamant that my husband and I share a bed – that was important to my marriage – and the children would sleep in their beds and this would never get mixed up.  My husband and I have not slept in the same bed for about 6 months.  He has spent the last two nights on a mattress on the floor at his parent’s house with LM.  LMJ sleeps in a crib next to my bed, in my bed, in my arms, in the Ergo and anywhere in between.  Now I truly don’t care who sleeps where as long as any one of us gets some sleep.


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