The Help

My mom is here visiting us for a week.  She wasn’t in my house for an hour yesterday when it became clear just how much easier life is with another adult helper around.

I had been invited to an Easter dinner and, although my kids were invited too, I knew everyone at the party would appreciate it very much if my kids stayed at home.  My husband works on Sundays so, if my mom weren’t here, I would have either had to take both kiddos to the dinner party by myself, or missed it altogether.

Luckily for me, I was able to go over to the dinner BY MYSELF and leave my girls here with my mom.  This was absolute heaven on earth.  I got to have conversations with other adults without having one – or two – people tug at my legs and get drool and/or snot on my pants.  I was able to sample all the food and drinks in peace.  I was (sort of) dressed up and no one messed up my outfit or makeup or hair.  Incredible!  Meanwhile, my mom and kids were happy as clams playing at home in the 76 degree sunshine.  Win, win, win.

If you are lucky enough to live within an hour of family, I truly hope that you thank your lucky stars every damn day.  It makes life so much easier.  If you want to know how much easier, I dare you to take a week (or two or three or four) and refuse any and all help from them.  Then multiply that by infinity and you’ll realize what life is like when you live 3,000 miles from everyone you’re related to.

I have five more glorious days with my mom’s help and I’m off to savor them!


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