The Standoff

It happened this morning.  It’s actually been happening a lot in our house lately.   It’s The Standoff.  I ask my daughter nicely to do something and she ignores me.  Then my request becomes a demand and Kiki refuses to meet said demand.  Then I dig in my heels and she digs in hers.  And we see who blinks first.

Here’s how it played out this morning.

I’m trying to get Kiki out the door to preschool and she is taking her sweet time.  I finally get her ready to leave and I go ahead out to the car with all of our stuff.  Kiki comes out the door and I call to her to please shut the door behind her.  Kiki looks straight at me and then continues down the stairs without shutting the door.  I walk over to her and tell her again to please go shut the door.  Kiki looks at me and says no.

The Standoff.  I shake out my shoulders and cock my head side to side like a boxer does before a match.  It’s early in the day and she hasn’t broken me down yet.  I’m fresh.  It’s on, baby girl.  Let’s do this.

Me:  Kiki, I asked you to shut the door behind you and ignored me.  I don’t appreciate that. Please go back up the stairs and close the door.

Kiki:  I didn’t hear you.

Me:  Yes you did.  Please go do it.

Kiki:  You do it.

Me:  We are not leaving for preschool until you go close the door.

Kiki:  That’s fine with me.

Me:  If you don’t go close the door soon, then you’re going to miss circle time.

Kiki:  But I’m tired.  You need to carry me.

Me:  I’m not going to carry you.

Kiki:  If you don’t carry me, then I’m definitely not going to shut the door.

I step back and give her the Mommy glare.  Unphased, Kiki just stands there defiantly for about two minutes.  My girl is strong-willed.  Round 1 goes to Kiki.  It’s time for Round 2.

Me:  I’m going to go ahead and get in the car and start listening to your new Sofia the First CD while I wait for you, ok?  Once you go shut the door, you can get in the car and listen to it too while we’re on our way to school.

Sofia the First is a new show on Disney Jr. that Kiki is obsessed with.  She got a CD with a bunch of the songs from the show in her Easter basket.  So I get in the car, crank up the music, and start belting out “I’m Not Ready to Be a Princess”.  It’s actually a pretty catchy song, so I’m totally getting into it.  Now Kiki runs up the stairs, shuts the door, smiles at me, and comes back down the stairs.

Ding ding ding ding!!!  Winner and still champion….MOMS!!!!  The crowd goes wild (at least in my head it does)!

Sadly, my winner’s high did not last long.  Apparently Kiki decided to take her time at preschool to plan how she could redeem herself after her morning loss.  She challenged me to The Standoff in the school parking lot, the grocery store, the library, and the park.  And my three year-old may have bested me in a couple of those match-ups.

5 thoughts on “The Standoff

  1. lemon cake goes through very distinct phases of being super cooperative and testing everything- it can drive me insane

  2. Seriously. Kiki does the exact same thing. She’ll go for a week or two being so pleasant and then she decides to spend a week seeing how far she can push the limits.

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