Winter babies are cozy and winter moms are cooped up.

Rose was born the Friday before Christmas and on day 2 of her little life we had a houseful of guests and a festive fun atmosphere in our house. I think that same vibe remains 3.5 months later. While she is a winter baby and we’ve had a loooong winter here in MA, we make a point of getting her outside and into the world as much as possible. She has a fur-lined car seat and about 14 fur outfits so this kid can handle a chilly breeze or a few inches of snow.

Thankfully we manage to get out of the house almost every day with her to go shopping, out to eat, for a walk, or to playdates. She is getting more and more used to her carseat and only screams bloody murder in it occasionally now. But we do spend an odd day at home being cozy together to focus on her tummy time and to get her nap schedule nailed down for at least one day. And with strings of guests, it can be hard to leave with multiple kids in tow and when everyone wants to just sit and ogle the baby, staying in the house is a reasonable option.

Well our March Madness lineup of guests has ended and April is here. We kicked it off with a wonderful walk in a new park yesterday. We met up with a few moms and hit the path. It felt good to feel those foreign muscles in my nether-regions I think referred to as glutes and Rose was awake and chewing away on her favorite toy. After 1 lap she started to cry a bit so I figured she had enough and we split away from the group to go back to the car. And then something magical happened. Her eyelids started to droop. I noticed it and turned that stroller right around. I walked solo for a while and she fell asleep! This is a baby who has only fallen asleep in her mother’s arms except for 3 times in her little life. So here was #4 happening on a wonderful walk. I walked another few miles, got to meet back up with the moms and little Rose had a great nap enjoying fresh air.

The spring makes everything look different. Our yard feels new as flowers start to poke out and remind me that it won’t always looks like a wasteland of dull grass and bare branches. Our house looks better with the light on it later and now even our baby is changing for Spring. The fresh air is helping her grow and learn new skills. Sleeping in a stroller is an important skill for any baby, especially one whose mom needs to get back into shape so she can fit into her closet full of jeans again one day.

Getting exercise requires motivation I’m lacking some days. But sweeten the pot with a promise of getting little Rose to lull into a peaceful nap and you’ll see me on the walking path every day. Maybe even doing lunges next time…



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