Conversations About God in the Bathtub

So, I believe my children are going to get a religious education whether it’s prompted by me or not.  God is out there.  So I’ve decided to take a journey with both girls to figure out this whole god thing.  As I told LM while we were taking an afternoon bath together in my big tub, I was raised Catholic – school, weekly church, strict belief of the scripture in my house – essentially the whole nine yards.  She wisely asked, “If you spent that much time going to church why do you still not know who god is?”  Good question, little wise one, good question.  The truth is I have considered myself a “spiritual atheist” for nearly a decade and even I’m confused about what that term means.  So I’m dropping the labels and opening my mind and heart in the hopes of being a big part of my girls’ religious education.

As much as I want LM to make up her own mind, I shared that I don’t really think that god is a person who is watching and judging what I do, say and even think.  I think god is love.  I think god was there when LM was born and the whole time that LMJ was in the hospital.  I think god can only be found in good.  LM kept referring to god as “him” and “he” while we were in the bath tub and I encouraged her to think of god as “her” and “she” but she firmly stated that she thinks god is a “boy’s name”.  Fair enough.

So, we’re going to start at the beginning.  Catholic church up the street will be our first stop.  I think I will find it pleasant in its familiarity, but don’t imagine it as a final stop.  Even reading the website prompted me to remember how uncomfortable I feel asking questions in a catholic church – about doctrine, beliefs, and social customs.  Maybe I just don’t find the answers satisfying enough.  Wherever we land, whether it be formal or informal, it will be a place where we can all ask questions all the time.  We’re big on exploration in this family and our spiritual education/beliefs will be no exception.

Wish us luck!




2 thoughts on “Conversations About God in the Bathtub

  1. That’s a tough one! My husband and I are not religious his family is. I would love for my kids to learn about all the religions and myths. That people have different beliefs and believe in different gods (named differently at least).

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