Weekends and Play

We had a busy weekend with visits to two museums and a farm a few towns away.  It is interesting to see how our activities evolve as we went from a family of one to two kids, and as baby Banana went from newborn to crawling baby to walking toddler.

When baby Banana was a newborn, it was relatively easy to go places with Lemon Cake. There was a bit of a learning curve with trying to figure out how to bring both kids out (jackets, car seats, carriers, snacks, diapers, nursing…etc.). I remember feeling so proud when I got them ready and brought them out all by myself for the first time and wasn’t late taking Lemon Cake to school. Our outings basically involved baby Banana sleeping or observing her surrounding while being carried in my Ergo or laying on a blanket, and Lemon Cake playing nearby. The real challenge was when baby Banana started to roll and crawl. Baby Banana is a very active baby and it is evident from the get go. There was just no way would she be content with staying in my carrier or stroller unless there is food involved. She often tried to bust out of my carrier and was so frustrated that she ultimately stayed trapped. Around that time, our outings were limited to places that were toddler and crawling baby friendly. There were a few indoor play spaces and libraries that were contained enough so I would be able to keep an eye on both of them. Any parks or museums were very challenging unless Daddykush and I were both available, which only happened on weekends. A whole world of options opened up again as baby Banana started walking in the last month. The increasingly frequent warm weather days also made visits to park much easier. We just love spending a few hours at a park with them under the sun, watching them play. One of my favorite moments last week was watching baby Banana desperately chasing a bird that maintained a distance of several feet- just enough to entice her. She would toddle, then fall, then crawl, then get back up to chase, then fall again- repeat and repeat. Eventually the bird flew away as baby Banana kept pointing to it and grunting complaints.

Daddykush and I have different ideas of what a “relaxing” weekend look like. He could easily stay in his pajamas all day, lounge around, play with the kids inside, read books and magazines with them, and listen to music. While I consider myself a homebody, I am very antsy if we don’t have any outings planned. I am usually ready to go somewhere by eight in the morning. We try to compromise but generally I get my way since we both enjoy family time so Daddykush just goes along with whatever I planned. It works out his way when the weather is bad because then we might be stuck inside. In those instances, Daddykush plays with the kids as I buzz around the house running errands without any distraction. I actually really enjoy being able to make a meal or do dishes without having to worry or check on the kids.

I imagine our weekends will continue to evolve as our children get older. There might be more classes and games (although I would not want to over schedule them- I believe in lots of free play and unstructured time). It would be fun to plan road trips that are 1-2 hours away. I look forward to experiencing new adventures with my family.


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