Some Things Can be Left to Chance

As a parent, it seems like there are some things you want to actively manage and a few things that are ok to be left to develop naturally on their own.

For example, I plan to be on top of some things like tummy time, verbal skills, bedtime, manners, study skills, learning how to cross the street, to name a few.

As far as things that might develop on their own, I imagine hand/eye coordination, love of sports and being active, friendliness, and displaying affection to be a few. [Forgive me though, given my child is 3.5 months old I can’t really think of anything else for that list and frankly picturing her any older than her little baby size takes a level of imagination I don’t quite have yet.]

But I recently came across something that I thought could easily be in the passive-parenting column but I decided to move it to the actively-manage category – because it is just so darn important. I guess I also never realized you could actively manage it.

I was at a baby shower for a very close friend and her MIL gave her this book: Self-Esteem, A Family Affair. She even gave her the cut-outs she used with her kids (and my friend’s husband) when they were little. It was very sweet and made me realize that self-esteem is important enough to dedicate some intention to it. So I bought the book and plan to provide age appropriate affirmations for little Rose throughout her childhood and adulthood. Self-esteem is just that important, right?

I haven’t read the book quite yet but here are a few affirmations for birth-6 months old.

  • You don’t have to hurry (and grow up).
  • I like to hold you.

For those of you adults out there, here is an exert that we can probably all benefit from:

  • Love yourself, appreciate your accomplishments, accept your mistakes, and change them without beating on yourself. Find some other people who will share that kind of healthy relationship with you.

Well said…I feel better already.



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