Men Who Change Diapers Change the World

There is a bumper sticker hanging off a half cubicle wall in my pediatrician’s office that states “Men Who Change Diapers Change the World.”  I always have a mixed reaction when I see it.

One reaction is pride. I am proud of the father that my husband is.  I consider me and my girls lucky to have him.  He changes lots of diapers, and trades sleepless nights, and plays non-stop “make it talk” games with LM, and has tea parties.  He is gentle and good.

I am a realist.  I understand that in the world we live in this may not be the norm.  It may look more normal in my progressive and urban surroundings but his dedication and involvement is not to be taken for granted.  Having said that, shouldn’t men be expected to change diapers?  Would you ever see a bumper sticker displaying the slogan “Women Who Change Diapers Change the World”?  You wouldn’t, but we do.  I understand the sentiment, and again feel a great sense of pride in who I married and why, but an inner battle rages when I see this bumper sticker.

I cannot stress enough that I am lucky to have the partner I do but as I become a “regular” at the pediatrician’s office I can’t help but want to see something about the power of motherhood as I walk in and out the door to pick up needles and alcohol swabs or watch LMJ get a myriad of shots, many of which are painful.

So, I leave it to you: what was your reaction when you read the title of this blog?


One thought on “Men Who Change Diapers Change the World

  1. I like the title and see myself as this type of person as well. To have two active engaged parents is less and less the norm these days. I don’t think this is a good thing for any of the parties – mother, father, or child.

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