Why Didn’t Charles and Ray Eames Ever Design Baby Toys?


As I write this, we are still in the midst of the terrible Boston Marathon events and given we live in the Boston ‘burbs, we are staying up to date while simultaneously trying to not get too overwhelmed by the news.

So I’ve decided to take a hiatus to think about something wholly superficial and selfish. That’s right, a new mom being selfish…someone call the authorities!

But this is huge. This week my husband and I said goodbye to our adult-styled house. That’s right, after 10 years of developing a taste for modern-ish furniture, acquiring some special items, and figuring out how to artfully pepper the rooms with a few subtle knock-offs while still maintaining the same look…it is time to say goodbye. For the next 10 years, I’m told.

At first we thought we could transition our house to a kid-house by just spending extra time (and sometimes extra money) and choosing the baby-items that are attractive and veer from the common path of using only primary colors. Some things we found look downright sleek. For example, we chose this baby seat instead of this one. We spent weeks finding a bassinet that matched our bedroom color-pallet and we even thought buying these floor mats would reserve some of the style in our living room. Oh how naive we were….

All of that effort was for nought. For I learned that there is a specific baby activity item that doesn’t have an attractive version yet it is one that babies seem to love so of course I wanted to get one for Rose. The item I speak of is an exersaucer. It is essentially a circular tray with a seat in the middle so the little one can explore on their own in an upright position. I looked for weeks for a version that wasn’t a complete assault on the senses and perhaps borrowed from a muted color pallet? No such luck. After seeing photos of Rose’s friends smiling in their own exercausers, I broke down and informed my husband that we would be purchasing a large blue plastic monstrosity. Actually monstrosity was his word.

So we bought it. I went ahead and just got the ugliest one available in a defiant move to show the world just how quickly we’ve given up. So now our living room has this item complimenting the natural wood tones and silver accents. But in the middle of the ‘monstrosity’ is little Rose’s angel-face, smiling easily and happy to have a new little world to explore.

And that smile, my friend, is the most stylish home accent one could possibly have.

(That said, I think there will be a 1 blue exersaucer available for sale in approximately 6 weeks. Please inquire within.)


One thought on “Why Didn’t Charles and Ray Eames Ever Design Baby Toys?

  1. We were in the same boat and I bought those floor mats also and avoided super colorful equipments. We didn’t have an exersaucer for Lemon Cake but realized we had to for baby Banana although we didn’t use it too much. It was such a eye sore in our small condo. So excited when we finally got rid of it.

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