Someone’s Son

In light of the recent events surrounding the bombing of the Boston Marathon and the ensuing city lock-down for the manhunt for the two suspects (resulting in the death of one and capture of the other), I am filled with so many emotions.

It is hard to not get caught up in the reports and speculation that have been saturating the news channels in the Boston area. These include reports that the youngest suspect, who was captured hiding in a winterized boat in someone’s backyard after an almost 20 hour manhunt, bleeding and not completely conscious, was an all-star wrestler, a scholarship student to one of Cambridge’s finer schools, a boy whose friends are in shock about his involvement with this plot. Just a boy.

Whether or not this 19 year old suspect was the mastermind behind this horrific plot or caught up in his older brother’s radical beliefs (a popular report in the media), he is someone’s son.  As were the 8 year old bombing victim and the 26 year old police officer murdered on Thursday night. Having a child of my own has put this entire situation in another light for me, a light that can be very hard to reconcile with how I think I am supposed to feel.

That being said, I wish peace for all who are involved in this horrible tragedy as our city rebuilds and recovers in the aftermath of the past week.

Thank you to this forum and its readers for letting me express my opinion in such a tumultuous time.  Boston is my hometown and I look forward to watching us all rise.



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