Spring Has Sprung

I usually post on Thursdays and here is my post for this week.  I just noticed today that my entry didn’t show up on the site.  I swear I pressed “publish”!  Sorry folks….


I’m finally sitting down and I can feel the tiredness settling in to my body.  My face is a little sunburned, my hair is a mess, I have dirt under my nails, and my jeans are filthy.  You know what this means?  It’s Spring!!!  It’s that glorious time of year when it’s warm enough that you can wear short sleeves and cool enough that you can still wear jeans.  It is delightful.

Today was a beautiful day.  Kiki and I enjoyed every minute of being outside.  We ate lunch on the front step, drew with sidewalk chalk, played basketball, spent hours at the park, ate dinner in our driveway, and took a long walk before bed.  All this fresh air and sunshine is good for the soul.  And I need good for the soul right now.

We were at the Boston Marathon on Monday.  Luckily we were nowhere near the finish line – we were at mile 17.  But I was, and still am, shaken.  Tragedies like this have a way of taking over your mind.  You imagine how terrifying it must have been to have been there.  You ache when you think of the victims and their families.  You start wondering if you can ever feel safe again.  And, like MamaKush said, all those thoughts and fears are increased exponentially because it has hit me so close to home.  As I said, we weren’t close enough to have known anything was happening at the time.  But we were close enough that my mother-in-law, who only knew we were at the Marathon, called me in hysterics at 3:00.  The fear that I heard from her end as I assured her that we were safe sent shivers down my spine.

So it was nice to get outside today.  Breathe in the fresh air and marvel at the endlessly blue sky.  It was a great day.  In fact up until the time of the explosions, Monday was a great day.

We had a ball hanging out with our friends while we cheered on the runners.  We sat for hours cheering and clapping as thousands of dedicated runners trekked past us.  I find it so inspirational to see so many different people working to accomplish such a huge physical feat.  It’s the kind of event that inspires me to challenge myself too.  Marathoners’ resolve is contagious.

People lined the Marathon path encouraging the runners and handing out water, bananas, ice pops, and all kinds of other things.  Kiki got to hand out water and decided it was pretty much the coolest thing ever.  For over an hour she went back and forth from the water table to the sidelines passing out cups of water to the runners.

There was such a happy air about the day.  You can’t help but smile when you see so many people enthusiastically cheering on athletes who, more often than not, are total strangers.  I love that it is an event where you aren’t cheering for one side.  You are rooting for everyone.

The Boston Marathon is a great event.



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