I have only a few days left until my maternity leave ends so the countdown has begun. To celebrate, I’ve decided to make a mommy-baby-bucket-list of fun things Rose and I will do together before I go back to work. I’m not sure I’ll make that trip to Paris but we do have a few dance parties planned and we’ll be hosting our favorite mother/baby group for lunch and a play date. I’ll try to squeeze in another photo shoot and sneak in as many walks as I can but I keep thinking there is something I’m missing. I don’t think I’m missing anything on the list – just preemptively missing my baby.  

I’m happy I got 4.5 months off but of course it doesn’t feel long enough. On the other hand, I am looking forward to using that part of my brain again and contributing to a project I’m passionate about. I think that will be a good example to set for Rose and I’ll just have to squeeze in some mid-afternoon cuddle sessions and a few late morning moments together. Such are the joys of working from home! So I’m excited for each day and moment I have with Rose over the next few days but l think our time apart will be fun for us too. And we’ll have an ongoing bucket list to get through each evening and weekend.

Without further adieu, I hope you’ll allow me to run and get back to those sweet baby cheeks…4 days and counting!



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