A Few Warnings…I Mean Words, About Mother’s Day

Friday was my first Friday back in the office after maternity leave and I completely dropped the ball on this blog! It was a good first week but a bit of a transition getting back into spreadsheets, conference calls and corporate emails. All while getting used to Rose spending the day with our [AMAZING] nanny. So I’m sure you’ll understand how I forgot to post yesterday. Oops!

But it ended up being a blessing in disguise. Late last night during a feeding, I read a blog post on the Huffington Post that encompassed my sentiments perfectly and much more eloquently and cleverly than I ever could.

For those of you that know me or have read a few of my Friday posts, you know that I am what most would describe as a ‘festive-person’. I love holidays. I love to decorate, buy and wrap presents, and generally find any excuse to celebrate and think of ways to make it feel special.  

So with my first Mother’s Day approaching, I was pleased to realize I’ll be spending it with lots of family. While not my actual mother (she and I will celebrate from afar), I’ll be with my step-mother and lots of sisters. But I do wonder what my own little one will do for the holiday. And of course by that, I mean what my husband will do.

Perhaps if he reads this he will get the double-wink-hint but I think this clever mom spelled it out even better than I could. Here is the link to the article I highly recommend. Please read that and then do me a solid by calling my husband to bring him up to speed. Thanks.

Let’s Move Mother’s Day by Amy Wruble




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