One flight and 710 miles down and a lifetime of traveling to go!

We took our first plane ride with little Rose last night. Those of you that have traveled with a little baby might relate to the high state of alert we found ourselves in as we planned the trip. But we were excited to see my family in NC and to celebrate my sister’s baby shower. And with two long trips planned this summer, a trial-flight under 2 hours seemed ideal.

While water and swimming are clearly in Rose’s blood, we hoped traveling would be too. You see, Rose’s dad and I met when he was living in London and I was in San Francisco so we logged quite a few miles during our courtship…86,500 to be exact. So we had high hopes for Rose’s ability to navigate the friendly skies. And she didn’t disappoint. She was a champ.

Our journey began with a HUGE rain and thunderstorm on the way to the airport and we even drove through 2 feet of water on 93. It was loud but she was cool about it. Then we had a 2 hour delay…she didn’t sweat it. We got on the plane and she hung in there and quickly fell asleep for the rest of the journey.

Her parents weren’t quite as cool and had a ‘quintessential new parent travel moment’. While making our way down the jet bridge with the stroller, car seat, bags and le bebe, the diaper bag took a tumble and dumped everything out. Our blood pressure raised but we scrambled, found our seats and assembled ourselves. Then…as the other passengers boarded the plane it seemed they each had an item to hand to us from the diaper bag. One gentleman gave us the changing pad, a nice lady handed us one of our diapers and a teenager sly slipped us a rattle. Humbling. Thankfully Rose isn’t big enough to be embarrassed by us. Yet.

Once we landed, she woke up happy and ready to jump in the arms of her uncle and grandpap. She even had smiles and giggles for the rest of the family until 1:30am when she finally conked out. And so did her parents.

One flight and 710 miles down and a lifetime of traveling to go!

– Mumsysus


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