What does Mother’s Day mean to you?

Mother’s Day.  I started thinking about Mother’s Day in the last week or so.  I work hard for my girls and my family and I was looking forward to being celebrated.  I also, of course, think about my own mother and on more than one occasion have had the delightful opportunity to share the day with my mother-in-law.  Last night, since my in-laws were in town, Hubby and I got to see an IMAX film at the Museum of Science (a venue I frequent as a mother) and go out to dinner.  For the first time since LMJ’s birth, someone else put both girls to sleep.  Kudos to CoCo – a job very well done and I didn’t worry for even a minute (okay, maybe I worried for a minute but really not much more)!

So, last night there were families with children of various ages at the movie, and at dinner.  I got to thinking how having children is such an ordinary experience.  But when I stop to think about the fact that I grew two humans and now they are living on this planet it really seems somewhat extraordinary.  I believe this is really something only other moms can understand.   Motherhood is to always be aware of another being and their health, safety, emotions, and basic needs.  At least it is for me and many women I know.  This is also something I think only other moms and parents can understand.

But Mother’s Day is complicated because everyone has a mother (at least, biologically).  I think everyone has emotions around Mother’s Day.  And being a daughter and having two only adds to the complication because what is more complicated than a mother/daughter relationship?  As I reflected upon these things I believe I have had the nicest Mother’s Day of my life.  My husband had communicated well to my 3 year-old that today was a special day for me and today’s activities and experiences really encompassed all that it means to be a mother for me, right now.  I was moved to tears watching my LM run through a field picking dandelions – so free.  I endured a very long tantrum from this same little girl who has emotions that run on high.  It was a fatigued response to a limit and a true expression of not getting something she wanted when she really wanted it.  And, I got a little bit of pee on my freshly washed jeans which I had only worn once post-maternity before LMJ threw up all over them.

Some days are mostly bad, some days are mostly good, and most days are a big dose of both.  I enjoy mothering more now that I have two children and my family is in a “hunker down” phase of family-centeredness.  It roots us in our neighborhood and to each other in a very deep and satisfying way.  And that is what Mother’s Day means to me this year.

I hope all mothers reading this were celebrated in some way and all those who aren’t can appreciate a holiday that is celebrated the world round in its own way.


2 thoughts on “What does Mother’s Day mean to you?

  1. Thank you for this post. It is touching and real. The paragraph about how having children seems so ordinary but it is truly extraordinary is something I think about from time to time. Happy Mother’s Day.

  2. The thing that gets me all the time is when I look at how big she is and think “I can’t believe she came out of me”. It is a weird and empowering thought that I’m sure every mother has all the time.

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