Thank You Red

Today I’m going to be brief, and just say a few nice things about the most important woman in my life.

On Sunday we celebrated Red, the mother of my children and my wife of almost 10 years.  It was a lovely sunny day spent with family and full of joy.  Red is an extraordinary mother, selfless and seemingly tireless as she gives all of her own self for these children.  I’ve watched her devote countless hours to their well-being, maturation, and growth… through careful guidance, solid role modeling, and thoughtful play.  I’ve watched her become the mother I always knew she would be, and I count my blessings that my daughters are so fortunate.  Through late night hospital visits, and frightening medical terms, to silly toddler tantrums, melt downs, and dirty diapers, I’ve seen her handle it all with unwavering strength and love.  My children might be too little to understand how lucky they are, but I will make sure to tell them over and over.  Thank you Red.

Happy Mothers Day


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