Patience is a virtue….that I need more of

Patience.  It is seriously the most important trait you need as a mother.  I cannot even tell you how many times every day I have to stop and take deep breaths and pray for more patience.

When my daughter sleeps for 12 hours straight on Hubby’s nights.  But oh, now that it’s my night she’s up at 1:30 in the morning and stays awake for the next two hours.  Lord, give me patience.

When I tell my daughter that she needs to try to use the potty before we go swimming because if she has to go once we get in the pool, it’ll be really inconvenient to get back out.  She humors me and sits on the potty for 5 seconds and then says, “see I don’t need to go”.  Then after ten minutes in the pool, she declares that she needs to go potty.  Lord, give me patience.

When my daughter beacons me to “come Mom” like I’m a dog.  Lord, give me patience.

When my daughter grabs a toy from a friend and so I take the toy from her and tell her that it is not ok to just grab something from someone like that.  And then she says, “but you just grabbed it from me”.  I pause because I see the hypocrisy that my 3 year-old is pointing out, but I’m not too sure how to respond.  Lord, give me patience.

When I have a huge list of things to get done while my daughter is at preschool.  But when preschool morning arrives, she wakes up with a fever and I have to keep her home.  Lord, give me patience.

When it takes 30 minutes to get my daughter to leave the gym.  On the way out she has to peek in at the yoga class, get hand sanitizer, inspect every picture on the wall, go down the stairs two at a time and then decide that wasn’t what she wanted to do and so she goes back to top to do them one at a time, watch the fish in the fish tank, ask the receptionist if she has stickers, race up and down the wheelchair ramp, and run in circles around the tree near our car.  Lord, give me patience.

When my daughter asks me “why” about everything, even things for which I’ve already given her the “why”.  For example, “Kiki please be careful standing on that chair because I don’t want you to fall.”  She asks me “why?”  I just told her why.  I don’t want her to fall.  Lord, give me patience.

When my daughter calls out “Mom!!” for the millionth time and it’s only lunchtime.  Lord, give me patience.

When my daughter asks for a piece of chocolate and I tell her no because she already had a piece.  Then she proceeds to have such a conniption that I want to just give her the damn chocolate so she’ll stop.  But I know I can’t.  Lord, give me patience.

When my daughter starts off the day in a grumpy mood and I know Hubby won’t be home until after her bedtime.  Lord, give me patience.

What traits do you find yourself wishing you had more of now that you are a parent?


3 thoughts on “Patience is a virtue….that I need more of

  1. patience is high on the list but I am so much better than before- being a teacher was good training for me =)

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