The Liebster Award

We have had The Liebster award bestowed upon us.  Thanks so much This award, presented to blogs with 200 followers or less, is fun and comes with some tasks – namely, give some random facts about yourself, answer two questions, pose two questions and nominate 10 other blogs with 200 followers or less.  We have taken this award on with honor and responsibility and, as a blog of 7 people, have been working hard to compile all information to publish.  Deadline today!!!  Guess what got in my way of my self-imposed deadline.  That’s right – life with kids!!  Dishes, laundry, preschool meetings, preschool work days, birthday parties, a heavy-duty friend conversation and some self-care for sanity has forced me to push my deadline yet another week.  And I’m going to call out Hubby () as the only member of the team who hasn’t responded.  He said he would get to it tomorrow.  I wouldn’t call anyone else out – sorry, dude.  Love you.

Also, readers, we need a little help.  Do you have a blog you love with less than 200 followers?  We don’t have ten AND we don’t know how to figure how many followers a blog has so – if you can recommend a blog you love or explain to us how to discover the number of followers a blog has that would be tremendous.

Feel free to comment on my FB post, inbox me or comment here. we are coming your way so Happy Early Liebster to you!!


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