She can dance if she wants to

I went to Kiki’s first dance recital this weekend and it lead me to one conclusion. It left me secretly hoping (not so secretly now I guess) that my daughter does not decide that dance is her thing.  Now don’t get me wrong – I LOVE dancing and I love that she loves dancing.  It is not the dancing that I object to.  It’s the recital.

Kiki’s class opened the show and her performance was everything I hoped it would be.  She was ridiculously adorable in her costume and her performance was the perfect combination of right on the money and amusingly off routine.  And as she exited the stage to a huge round of applause I was really happy that I had waited in line on the day tickets went on sale so I could score Hubby and I seats smack in the middle of the second row.  Great view for our little star’s debut.

But then the other kids started dancing and I realized that our second-row-center seats meant that we were stuck there until intermission.  There was no way for us to slip out without disrupting other parents who were eagerly waiting to watch their little stars (I’m sorry but unless you are watching your own child perform, dance recitals are kind of painful).  So we sat and watched 15 dance numbers until the blessed intermission came.

As I sat through The Good Ship Lollipop, Hey Soul Sister and countless other numbers, I started tallying up the cost for Kiki to participate in this little show.  Costume….$45  Bun form, hair pins, and hairspray….$7  Red lipstick and blue eye shadow….$10.   A total of $62.  Then I thought about the battles.  I had to battle with Kiki to get her to rehearsal and to the recital on time.  I had to battle with her to get to stay still while I fixed her hair.  I was sweating by the time I handed her off to her teacher for the show.  All of that cost and hassle for a minute and half on stage.  I’m just not sure that it’s worth it.

I hope Kiki continues to love dance.  She can absolutely  keep taking dance classes, but I’m hoping that maybe she’ll be ok with opting out of the recitals.  Of course if she does decide that dance is totally her thing and it’s really important to her to participate in the recitals, then we’ll suck it up and be supportive.

But next time, I’m buying aisle seats.


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