This is going to seem strange and cryptic, I’m sure.  It has nothing to do with today’s holiday and is kind of from left field.  But, it’s been on my mind, so…

A few days ago I caught this lengthy commercial/public service announcement about how important it is to know the signs of stroke so that you can get a stroke victim to the hospital ASAP.  It went on and on about how everyone that is normally with you should know the signs – friends, family, co-workers.  It was imploring people to spread the word so that they could help someone else, or so that someone could help them if they were to suffer a stroke.

I stood in front of the television, staring at this commercial, and thinking to myself that the people I am normally surrounded by are 3 and 1 years old.  I am not naive enough to think that I couldn’t have a stroke sometime soon (people of all ages get them), and I was left thinking about the multitude of other things that could happen to me (I could fall down the stairs, slip in the shower, have a heart attack, and so on and so forth) while I was alone with A and I.

We don’t have a home phone so I can’t potentially teach my 3.5 year old how to pick up the phone and dial 911.  My cell phone is password protected so that my kids can’t get into it, and so that a stranger can’t get into it if they steal it from me.  Of course it has the emergency phone call option, but i don’t think A is old enough to understand how to manage that.  And, if I was able to teach her, would she only do it in a true emergency?  With my luck she would call 911 while I was in the shower.

So I stood there thinking, “Well, I’m f*cked if there ever is an emergency where I become unable to use the phone.” (Pardon my language, but that is exactly what I was thinking.)  I tried to think of other things I could teach A, like running to another house for help.  The problem there is that I keep the door bolted and the only people home during the weekdays are the weirdos who live kiddie corner from us and I don’t think I want her alone with them.  All the other houses around us have people who are out at work.

Now I have this nagging feeling that I have to try to be proactive and think of a scenario that would save my life (if it came to that).  Do any of you have suggestions?  Has anyone else thought of this before?  Help!  Literally!


2 thoughts on “911

  1. I have thought the same thing. I almost always think it when I’m going down our steep basement stairs carrying a laundry basket. I have no solution and the same problems you do (no home phone, locked cell, locked front door). Interested to hear any solutions.

  2. Life Alert. It’s for older people, but there is one button you carry around your neck in case you need help you press it an a live operator asks what the problem is. There is also a speaker with a big red button on it you place somewhere in your house that you or A could press. They expect people to test the system once a month or so, so if it gets pressed by accident then you can tell them you were just “testing” it and they won’t call 911 for you.

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