Extra curricula classes

As Lemon Cake gets older, we are trying to decide what classes and activities we should sign up for him. He is three years old and going to school every morning so I worry about over-scheduling him on the weekends. I can’t do week day afternoon classes since I also have baby Banana in tow. Right now we have him in swim class on a Saturday morning and waiting to hear back from a Chinese school if he got accepted into the Sunday afternoon program starting in the fall. That to me feels plenty already. However, I also know he enjoys gymnastic and music classes tremendously from the few classes we have attended here and there.  So, to pick your brains:

  1. Are your preschoolers in extra curricula classes? If so, how many and what kind?
  2. Do you worry about over scheduling them?
  3. How do you decide what classes or activities your little ones should do? (Besides letting them choose- which is not always possible and might not work at this age)
  4. Any words of wisdom?

Thank you!


5 thoughts on “Extra curricula classes

  1. I always wanted to get my kids in classes, but could never afford it. They are so expensive and each have their little commitments, recitals or swim meets or belt testing. These things NEVER happen at the same time as class, cause that would make it too easy to fit in your life. (Learned from the Kindergarten experience).

    However, my boys are pleasantly non-distracted and still pretty easy to please. They have another 16 years of school and they can catch up. Right now, I’m trying to keep it as simple as possible. Good luck!

  2. Thank you Lynette. They can definitely add up especially with two kids. Around where we live there are classes run by the city or non profits that are significantly cheaper and still high quality but of course they fill up fast. Thank you saying “keeping it simple!”.

  3. We don’t do that many classes. Little Miss is in school 8:30-3:30 three days a week and Little Miss Jr. is home with me. Being extra cautious with her, we just went to her first singalong at the local library. It’s helpful that LM doesn’t love structured classes. She is too distracted by the structure of music class (she just wants to be creative and LOUD) and too uninterested in a class with an average teacher. She liked swimming but I was relieved when it was over to not have to get up and out on Saturday. As the weather gets nicer I like to just enjoy the neighborhood. Sometimes I feel guilty for not having her in more classes. Maybe the other side of the coin?

  4. Ari was only in preschool two mornings a week this last year, so she also did dance and gymnastics and soccer (although soccer was only for 10 weeks in the fall and 8 weeks in the spring). She absolutely loves classes/school and could easily be at something all day, five days a week if I let her. I think it’s easy to tell if your kiddo is saying her doesn’t want to go to stuff vs. having your kiddo BEG you to go to things (like Ari does). That’s a fast way to tell if its too much for him. She’s not doing gymnastics this summer and we’re replacing that with swim lessons while the weather is nice (we opted for the ones at an outdoor pool). So we’ll see how that goes. I do find it hard to know if she is liking the thing she’s doing or if she just likes being with other kids/the teachers. She has had one dance teacher who I thought was quite bitchy, and so I moved her to a different teacher, and, although she loves the new teacher so much, she keeps asking me when she can go back to this other teacher’s class! She just loves adults so much. So it’s hard for me to know if she loves the activity or just loves being with friends/peers and other adults 🙂

  5. Thank you for the different perspectives and how differently your kids like classes. Lemon Cake really likes classes also and interacting with adults. He also enjoys the challenges of being able to do something that he normally can’t do or doesn’t get to do (this is more related to swim/gymnastics). However, I don’t want to sign him up and pay for classes, just to find out it is too much for him. Right now I think I will limit it to two at the most. Still waiting to hear back from the Chinese school.

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