Bahamas Bound

On Monday Kiki will be going to her grandparents’ house and Hubby and I will be going here:

Jealous?  I’m going apologize for rubbing it in your face, but that’s totally what I’m about to do.  I’m going to seriously rub it in.  Hubby and I will be spending 4 days and nights in the Bahamas without our daughter.  I can not wait.  We have been counting down for months.  Here are some of the things I’m most looking forward to about our vacation:

  • Not wiping anyone’s bum.

  • Traveling through the airport without having to coax and entertain a 3 year-old.

  • Eating dinner at 7 (with Kiki our options for dinner are either 5:30 with her or 8:00 after she’s asleep).

  • Reading a cheesy girly book on the beach.

  • Forgetting all about “natural and logical consequences”

  • Taking my time getting up in the morning.  Not necessarily sleeping in terribly late, but just being able to lounge in bed as long as I want to before I start my day.

  • Not being woken up in the middle of the night by the sound of a knock on my bedroom door and a tired and whiny voice saying, “Mommmmmmmy, open your dooooooor!”

  • Quality time with Hubby that involves something other than cuddling on the couch watching tv.

  • An oceanside massage.

  • Four days of not having to do laundry or the dishes.
  • The swim-up bar.

Those are just some of the wonderful delights that have kept me going the last few weeks.  What would you most look forward to about a vacation without your kids?

See ya in a week momrades!


5 thoughts on “Bahamas Bound

  1. I am beyond jealous. I have no idea when we will be able to do this. Probably in another two years when baby Banana is older. Right now I can only dream about it. Actually, I just dream about waking up in the morning and not immediately having to attend to two children’s demands and needs. Enjoy! You deserve it!

  2. That’s amazing! I would look forward to everything about a kid free vacation! The first one we have planned isn’t until 2016 (our 10 year wedding anniversary)….I guess I have to wait another three years 😦

  3. I believe you are aware of how jealous I am but if not, i will be sure to tell you the full extent of it tomorrow. I would most look forward to whine-free days, spending so much time with just Jim, not having to be “on” first thing in the morning, no sound of cartoons, and just some silence.

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