Maybe it is because of David Letterman but I’ve always loved a good top 10 list.

The 6-month Product Round-Up!

I’ve now been a mom for approximately 6 months so clearly I am now a seasoned professional. Given my obvious authority (please read the sarcastic sub-text here), I thought it would be fun to put together my top 10 list for new-parent products.  Some of these items might be things you feel touchy about. That’s ok, given everything around babies is a potential controversy-lightning rod. So take it with a grain of salt. And feel free to add your additions in the comments section!

Top 10 Baby Products (for Baby 0-6 months)

  1. Boppy. We have the wedge, the body pillow and the nursing pillow. I have spent Image more time with this nursing pillow over the past 6 months than I have my husband. Sad, huh? We’ve logged a lot of hours together and we still get along so it definitely makes the cut. Rose still uses it for nursing and to practice sitting up. A great pillow to have around, I bet you’ll use it more than you even think. 
  2. Lamaze Toys. These are my favorite toys – they are so interesting and always seem to have a new little trick I don’t notice right away, like another mirror hidden somewhere or a new texture Rose suddenly enjoys. Great quality and our library of these toys continues to grow. 
  3. Tervis Water Glass. We like to stay hydrated and when you are nursing, water becomes even more important. I have some obnoxiously large tervis glasses that don’t sweat and stay cool even during the long nights. 
  4. iPad mini. OK, yes, this isn’t quite a baby product but it was a nice treat for me. I had a baby that needed to sleep in my lap a LOT so I really enjoyed having a window into the outside world, being able to read books late at night, and holding onto at least some of my productivity. Being able to hold it with one hand is a huge bonus as is the ease of taking photos and videos of that cute little nugget. It was also a great tray as I carried my essentials from room to room. That last feature isn’t always mentioned by apple. 
  5. Solid Rocking Chair. I don’t care which one you get, but I now consider a comfortable, sturdy chair to be an absolute essential item. The long nights can be a tad painful so having a comfy chair that helps you soothe your baby can be the difference between Imageyour sanity and…well you know. I have a bad back so this one was perfect as it isn’t too soft. We’ve also had some spit-ups and spills and the microfiber wipes off so easily it makes me wish my entire house was made out of this fabric.
  6. Baby Walker. If you choose to buy one of these apparent death traps – your child will love it. I know the concerns out there but rest assured that we don’t keep her in it for hours and we keep her away from steep staircases so we think she’ll survive. Anyways, this walker has a huge tray where we put some suction toys. And it is cute, especially in purple.
  7. Magnetic Sleepers. When Rose was itty-bitty, these magnetic outfits made the frequent diaper changes such a breeze. We only had a couple as they are expensive and we would always want to put her in it first. They hold up really well and come in the cutest patterns. Stars and circuses, what more could you want? 
  8. Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit. If you and your baby grow to depend on the swaddle, it will be with mixed emotions that you celebrate their first roll-over. That means no more swaddle so parents collectively panic that sleep will no longer be possible. This suit, while we joke that it looks like a straight jacket, is nice and cozy for the baby and helps them stop from startling themselves. Rose loves it and I don’t think she would have slept for longer than 10 minutes without it. 
  9. Travel Bassinet. We shopped for a bassinet to have in our room for a long time. We eventually decided on this one which we used for so much more than just Rose’s sleeping. When I showered, I pulled it (the legs can turn to be a rocker, wheels, or static) into the bathroom for her to play solo-style while I showered and got ready. I think that is one of the reasons why she is so good at playing alone now. It is sleek, safe and easy to take up and down stairs too.Image
  10. Aquaphor. Our little Rose has had more than her fair share of rashes and while it has gotten better, it will probably always be something we keep an eye on. I guess that is what happens to babies of two fair-skinned parents. Anyways, Aquaphor is amazing, it helped her skin recover quickly from a variety of little rashes. Another great item to have on hand.

 What do you consider to be the best product to have for baby 0-6 months? Perhaps I should instead ask what products are good for baby 6-12 months….



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