Pleasant Surprise

This was my Facebook post this morning:

“A morning of scraping dry vomit off sheets and blanket, cleaning up a poop accident in addition to complete sleep deprivation. Thank goodness for videos. Wish the weather is nicer so we can take a nice long walk.”

It all started at around eleven last night when we heard Lemon Cake crying in his room, which he so rarely does. Daddykush and I were just settling down to go to sleep. I went into his room and was met with a strong sour smell. I knew that he has thrown up in his bed, but I also knew that it was most likely a singular episode induced by mucous due to his cold. We have experience this a few times before. I wasn’t concerned but there was a lot of crying and cleanup to do to get him ready for bed again. Lemon Cake’s cry and scream inadvertently woke Baby Banana up. While Lemon Cake settled back to sleep easily and stayed in bed till seven in the morning (as opposed to 5:30), Baby Banana woke up about five more times and finally woke up at 5:45. Many of you know all about this kind of sleep torture so I don’t need to go into details describing the experience.

Fast forward to this morning. When Daddykush rushed out the door to catch a bus to go to work at 7:40, I was inside the bathroom with Lemon Cake cleaning up his poop accident (the last poop accident was about two months ago) and Baby Banana banging on the bathroom door wanting access to our “fun” activity. At this point, I was well prepared for a torturous day with two cranky children and being stuck inside all day.

Being a stay at home mom with two small children is just full of surprises. In this case, I am happy to report that the day turned out much better than I had hoped. Since Lemon Cake was not contagious, we attended Baby Banana’s music class together and everyone had fun. She took a good long nap after class which let Lemon Cake and I spend good quality time together. We read books, built bat caves and batmobile using cushions and blankets, and I also made many attempts to doze off on the couch. When Baby Banana woke up, we took a nice walk (thank you weather for staying beautiful most of the day) to Starbucks and treated myself to an iced mocha latte. The rest of the afternoon was a quick errand, more nap for Baby Banana and brief outdoor time with the neighborhood kids on our street. I even got to lie down for twenty minutes in MY bed. Lemon Cake also seemed to be over his limit testing phase (he has been going through them once in a while) which was a blessing for a day like today. I managed to get a very simple dinner done (trader joe’s pizza, stir fry broccoli and fresh strawberries), and even bathed and dressed both of them BEFORE Daddykush came home.

I was ready for a day feeling constant impatience with Lemon Cake and frustrations with Baby Banana’s sleep issues. I was ready to just have videos on all day. I was ready to just get take out because I would be too tried to even put a pizza in the oven let alone bath them. I am grateful the day turned out so much better. I also like surprises like these as they make me reflect on how I usually perceive reality and that I can have a more positive attitude next time.

I also know I will most likely crash tomorrow due to last night’s sleep deprivation. Let’s hope all of us get some quality rest and sleep tonight.



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