Gross Mom Confessions

Hi.  My name is Moms and I’m a gross mom.

I lick my thumb and then use it to wipe stuff off Kiki’s face.  My mother used to do this to us and I thought it was so disgusting.  Now I do it to my daughter all the time.

I pick my daughter’s nose.

If my daughter starts gagging and I think she might vomit, I automatically cup my bare hands under her mouth to catch whatever might come out.

If I don’t have a tissue and my daughter needs her nose wiped, I will use my shirt.

When my daughter was a baby and she needed her nails trimmed, I would sometimes bite them off instead of bothering with the baby nail clippers.

About a month after I had weaned my daughter I was curious if my supply had dried up completely yet.  I reached down and gave one nipple a little squeeze and a steady stream of milk shot me right in the eye.

In the past when my daughter wanted grapes but I didn’t have a knife to cut them in half, I bit them all in half and gave them to her.

When Kiki was a baby I was laying on the floor doing airplane with her above me and she spit up.  It landed directly in my opened mouth.

Each confession on its own isn’t too bad, but all together like this it’s enough to make me sick.  Hey if I do gag, do you think anyone will cup their hands under my mouth to catch any possible vomit?

Anybody with me?  Please share your own gross mom/dad confessions so I don’t feel so bad.


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