I’m just too tired.

I know that it is cliché to talk about how tired I am as a parent but LMJ is a bad sleeper and I am just too tired.  I have readjusted my expectations and bedtime for a 5:45am wake-up call but the days are long when you’ve been up for 12 hours at 5:55pm.  I am just not a morning person in the least, so this early morning without being able to take the AM nap that I did with LM is brutal.  I have two great topics for this week’s blog:  Father’s Day and a great poop story but I am just too tired to be creative or tell a good story today.

I do want to wish all fathers out there a Happy Father’s Day!  My girls are the luckiest to have Dad-E.  He truly is the most patient, kind and sensitive man I know.  I once read that dads have significantly more impact on girls’ self-esteem in the teenage years and though I cannot vouch for the validity of that, I do know that Dad-E will provide the best model for my girls in how men should be.  He truly is a good egg and I hope he felt loved and special today.


One thought on “I’m just too tired.

  1. I hope you will get some rest soon. I have read about that in regards to dads and girls’ self-esteem too. Hope you had a happy father’s day!

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