no school

This will be a short post. Lemon Cake’s last day of school was last Wednesday. I have had to readjust to taking care of both kids full time on my own for a while before summer camp starts again in a few weeks. There have been pros and cons to this. It has been really really wonderful to spend so much time relaxing with both children without worrying about rushing to places. This experience has shown me that three mornings of school is ideal for Lemon Cake and not five. We will see how it goes with his summer camp which is five mornings a week at a nearby school (within 10 minutes of walking distance woo hoo!). On the other hand, I am absolutely completely drained. In addition, Daddykush was sick from Friday to Monday and has just started to really feel like himself again. Baby Banana started developing eczema on her cheeks a week ago, and still has very bad diaper yeast infection. It doesn’t help that she poops inconsistently and irregularly. Sitting in the poop for even five minutes does horrible things to her bum. Of course, most of her poops today happened at inconvenient times- at Target, at Friend’s home, right as we got home from play date and then ta da- inside the tub while she was bathing. Anyways, I was literally running around the house from 4-6:30 trying to take care of everything, play with the kids, get dinner ready and put Baby Banana to bed. At this moment, Daddykush is putting Lemon Cake to bed. I will be joining momentarily to read him a book (most likely a super hero book), then I will collapse on the couch with a big bowl of peanut butter banana yogurt.


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