Quit Pointing Your Avocado At Me

I am posting this for our regular Wednesday contributor – hope you’re having a happy vacay 🙂

We are taking our first “just the four of us” family vacation this week to Storyland. I am always nervous before traveling because I feel like I have to prepare and plan everything perfectly to avoid unnecessary stress. I have to keep reminding myself that the worst thing that could happen is we have to buy something that I have forgotten to bring. Of course I can’t forget the epi-pen but that’s probably about the only important thing, oh and Lemon Cake’s brown blankey and Baby Banana’s lovey giraffe.

Posting a link to an article this week: Quit Pointing Your Avocado at Me


My favorite quote from this article:

“Other mamas are just weaving together families using the unique gifts and challenges and interests they have. They’re using what they have like I am. They are much too joyful and scared and fulfilled and empty and tired and inspired and busy living their tough, beautiful lives to concern themselves too much with what I’m doing.”

I look around at my mama friends and their families, and this statement could not be any truer. It is also amazing how much we can learn from each other and support each other when there is a forgiving and positive atmosphere.

BTW- my unlimited media time experiment is sort of a failed experiment. I am allowing Lemon Cake more video time in general but I personally just cannot stand the idea of him watching video first thing in the morning when he had just woken up. I actually hate it when he asks for video but the power of video is hard to resist- and I have to understand and accept it, and provide appropriate guidance. Instead of being annoyed, I just try to acknowledge that he really really wants a video and that he will get to watch some later. Most of the time he is able to accept it.


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