On My Own, Pretending He’s NOT in Cincinnati

Hubby is out of town for business.  Again.  So it’s me and Kiki on our own from sunrise to sunset.  Again.  And Kiki has a cold, so that means it’s me on my own when she wakes up coughing in the middle of the night.  Again.

With my girls’ weekend away and my recent Bahamas getaway, I’ve had 7 nights away from Kiki since the beginning of the year.  That’s actually a lot, I know.  But that’ll probably be it for me for the rest of the year.  Hubby, on the other hand, has had 30 nights away from Kiki since the beginning of the year.  And there will definitely be plenty more to come before the ball drops in December.

He had just gotten home from a week in Poland last week when he broke the news that he was heading out again this week.  “But it’s just for one night!” he quickly says.  Let’s be clear about something here, Hubby.  If you don’t get home from your trip until after the kid is asleep, then it counts as being gone another night in my book.  My mothering tank hits empty at 6 pm every night.  So I’m just running on fumes to make it through dinner and bedtime on my own.  That’s when I need your help.  While I am glad to have you home overnight (your presence helps to tame the “what would I do if I heard an intruder in the house” thoughts in my head), I don’t need your help to collapse on the couch and watch tv once I get our daughter to bed.  So, just go ahead and say you’ll be gone for 2 nights.

And Hubby’s travel seems to come in bursts.  He’ll go a month, or even two, with no travel at all and then BAM, he’s got 3 trips back to back.  Before we moved to New England from the South, Hubby travelled 6 out of the last 8 weeks that we were there.  Talk about a challenge.

So blah.  I’m on my own right now.  And to make matters worse, Kiki has a fever which means I can’t take her to childwatch at the gym and I can’t arrange any playdates with friends.  So it really is just me completely on my own.  But I’m a big girl and I can handle it.  Kiki is at a rather independent age, so that makes my job easier.

And I realize that I really don’t have it too bad.  30 nights out of 180 is just a bit more than 15% so it’s certainly not a crazy amount (to be technical about it though, it’s more than 30 in my book since Hubby often returns from business trips around 9pm, but I didn’t include all those extras in my total count).  I know it could be much worse.  My neighbor has 4 kids and her husband is gone from Monday through Thursday almost every single week.  Yikes!

Well friends, that wraps it up for me today.  Kiki has been up since 5:30 this morning and I think she’s given me her cold.  I just got her to bed and there is a couch and some girly tv shows calling my name.


2 thoughts on “On My Own, Pretending He’s NOT in Cincinnati

  1. I always think of military families too…I think their times of deployment must be terribly difficult! Good luck. I can totally relate to the parenting gas tank being empty at 6pm!

    • I agree. I have much respect for parents who have to do it all themselves for long stretches (or all the time). It is tiring when there’s two of you but exhausting when there’s just one.

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