Its late and so I’ll keep this short.

I found a job I was interested in (I’m currently a SAHM). It is full-time, which is definitely not my preference, but it seems part time gigs that would pay what I need them to pay don’t exist.

I briefly looked at the salary range for this job and thought it was appropriate and high enough for my needs (dumb move), and so I submitted my application (which thankfully was painless because its for an organization that saves all your previous attempts at employment and I’ve applied for other jobs with them), even though I don’t really want something full time.

Then, when I had a spare second, I sat down with my calculator and realized that if I got paid on the low end of the salary scale, after paying for a nanny for my two children and paying my taxes, I would bring home $750 a month. I’ll repeat that in case you missed it. I would work FULL TIME and be away from my kids for FORTY hours a week and I would net $750 flipping dollars a month.

I did the math over and over and came up with the same thing every time. Honestly, that is ridiculous. And utterly deflating and depressing. Sometimes I wonder if looking for a job until my kids are in school is even worth the effort. It’s certainly not worth $750 a month, I’ll tell you that.


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