Hair Cut

I get a haircut once every six weeks. It is a chin length bob cut hair style with bangs, so it needs to be maintained. I don’t do pedicures or manicures (I think they look amazing but frankly I don’t have the patience for them- they are almost always immediately ruined within 30 minutes of leaving the nail salon and I don’t want to have to visit a nail salon every month to maintain my nails). That said, every time I see someone with lovely pedicures and manicures, it makes me want one right away. My mom always told me that a well brought up woman should always have her toes painted when wearing sandals. Well, mom, at least I have a decent haircut.

I love getting my hair cut. It is not a fancy schmancy place but it took me a very long time to finally find the hair salon that can cut my hair right. I tried Chinatown, downtown where all the fancy hair salons are, near home with the more trendy hair salons but slightly cheaper…etc. Nothing beats this Korean Salon that charges $40 per haircut, which is quite reasonable around here. I usually go there on a Monday morning when Lemon Cake is at school or camp, and Baby Banana is at her nanny share. I am always the first one to arrive and the salon is always empty of customers. The same woman Michelle cuts my hair every time. She is Korean, owns the salon and barely speaks any English. If she wants to say anything more than a sentence to me, the receptionist has to come translate. Our usual dialogue is “the same?” “yes” at the beginning of haircut and, “thank you, see you next time” at the end of haircut. Michelle is the one who suggested (through the receptionist’s translation) that I should have bangs because I had major hair loss a few months after Baby Banana came along. I thought it was a horrible idea but I had faith in her so I let her do it. I hated my hair for a few days and quickly grew to love it. I can’t believe I never had bangs. My forehead looked huge and shiny with receding hairline without bangs.

During my thirty to forty minutes of haircut, I indulge in my once every six weeks trashy magazine binge. I suppose Glamour, Marie Claire, Vogue, People and US weekly are not necessarily trashy, well maybe the last two ones are, but at home I read fiction (right now on Game of Thrones) and parenting books. I am slacking off in the latter department; sort of reading Raising Free Thinkers but Game of Thrones has been winning every time I hit the bed at around 9:30. I update myself on all the trendy clothes that I cannot wear and which celebrity had a baby a few months ago and is now in a string bikini…etc. Marie Clair sometimes has pretty inspiring articles about strong women and survivors- and that is a huge plus. Reading these magazines let me be in a space for a while where nothing is parenting related- it is a lot about empty things, a lot about fashion and a lot about different peoples’ lives. The important thing is it helps fill my “patience tank” with my two stinkers =)



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