Meet The Littles

I’d like you to meet The Littles.  That’s what we call Kiki’s collection of little toy figurines.  As you can tell, she has quite the predilection for all things Disney.  Kiki loves these toys.


Her obsession started with these two.  They are the best.  They have no extra little pieces that you have to keep track of.  They have no moving parts.  She can play with them everywhere – the playroom, the bath, the sandbox, the grass.  They are well-loved, as evidenced by Minnie and Mickey’s missing noses.


Then we added Nemo and friends (note Daisy’s awesome photobomb).  These are just like Mickey and friends – solid toys that you can take anywhere.  Amazingly we’ve kept track of most of our brood.  We’ve only lost one soldier – Squirt, the turtle.  Kiki brought some Littles to the lake for her and her friends to play with.  I decided I should take a quick headcount of the Littles before Kiki and her friends started gallivanting about the lake with them.

Me:  Didn’t we bring Squirt?

Anna (Kiki’s friend):  Oh, yeah.  You did.

Me:  Do you know where it is?

Anna:  I buried it.

Me:  Do you know where?

Anna:  Nope.

And thus Squirt has been returned to his more natural habitat.


Our family was happy with our collection of Littles.  Then came the princesses.  You can pull their dresses off so the princesses can swap dresses.  Cool idea, right?  No.  Their dresses are impossible for kids to take off.  What that means is that Belle’s dress gets ripped and Moms has to spend all her time peeling the princesses out of their dresses (insert inappropriate joke here).


Don’t even get me started on Jasmine’s little pant suit.  It takes a good 15 minutes to jiggle the princess hips into those pants.  It’s a good thing Snow White looks good in purple because she’s staying in this outfit.


I think that the Disney manufacturers of these toys must have gotten some complaints about the princess dresses because the Fairies we recently got have dresses with little tabs in the back so you aren’t as likely to rip the dresses.  That’s great except that it is IMPOSSIBLE to get the little tabs into the slots.  My fingers literally go numb trying to push the middle tab into its slot.  And I have yet to get any of the Fairies’ top tabs fastened.


Let’s talk about the shoes for a second.  These are Tinkerbelle’s shoes.  That is Kiki’s finger beside them, not mine.   Why is it that as our kids get older, their toys is get smaller?


So this is the world I live in – dressing and undressing princesses and fairies and sifting through every little thing in the Littles’ bin until I find Tink’s missing shoe.  But it’s totally worth it because Kiki literally spends hours every week playing (usually independently) with her Littles.  And lucky for me, Kiki has a “clothing optional” dress code for her toys.



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