Happy Birthday to You

Let’s see.  Where to begin?  Well, Dad-E turned 40 today and, it being a special birthday, we were most definitely ambitious in our plans to celebrate.  The celebration began on Wednesday night when we had a family style, Star Wars themed birthday party complete with themed plates, cups, and a sign that I could personalize to say Happy “40th” birthday with all the various characters, and a Darth Vader candle whose light saber served as the wick.  The sign and candle travelled with us down to New Jersey that evening, along with other party goodies for a family party on Sunday.


Here I sit on Sunday, after that party, and we have reached the other side of our ambitious plans and, while tired, I am happy to have spent the time celebrating my love.  He’s a very special person and deserves a very special birthday.  We saw dear and old friends in NYC, had a small and large family party, and got to spend 24 hours together without the brethren.  The event motivated us to organize pictures from the 14 years we’ve been together which allowed plenty of time to reminisce.  As I look back and reflect on our time together I’ve noticed that we share passion and humor.  We are surrounded by love.  Essentially, Dad-E has enriched my life with love, passion, family, and humor.


I am grateful to everyone who helped to celebrate Dad-E in big ways and small.  If you are reading, thank you.  Without further adieu I will take my leave because as usual…I’m tiiiiiiiiiired!


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