Moving to the burbs?

We are in the midst of a potentially drastic change in our life. We are in the process of moving to “the suburbs” and also renting our current condo out. The amount of work involved plus taking care of two children has been incredible. It is stressful and exhilarating. We are about 70% toward finalizing the purchasing and of course 0% at moving. Every moment I have is devoted to the rental process, closing on the new house and just purging STUFF. There is a family keenly interested in our condo and I have a few more showings today. Inspection on the new house is done but many things need to be fixed including a few major problems. A big house with no problem in this neighborhood would go toward a million or more and wee are not in that market. After looking all summer, we found this small cape with finished basement and the perfect yard, and of course it is not in perfect condition but at least it is in move in condition. My favorite feature is the sliding glass door between kitchen (kitchen needs a lot of updating) and patio/backyard. That is my dream yard- to be able to keep an eye on the children while being in the kitchen, or one kid can choose to be outside and one can choose to be indoors.

We have left it to fate now. If it is not meant to be, it is not meant to be. However, we are committed to moving so we might end up renting for a year if this house falls through.

Wish us luck. I have never lived in the suburbs, I have never lived in a single family house, and I have never been a rental property owner. The next few months will be intense and the next few years a new chapter for our little family. 


3 thoughts on “Moving to the burbs?

  1. Good luck and fingers crossed for the perfect yard! So nice to be able to kick the kids outside when they are about to lose thier minds!

  2. Thank you! I am dying for a yard! When we play outside-it’s basically me chasing Baby Banana down the sidewalk while trying to get Lemon Cake to follow me haha – not the most relaxing I would say

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