Guest Post from Acclaimed Author!

First, a word from MumsySus:  I couldn’t be prouder to have MammaLamb as our guest blogger today. She is not only the critically acclaimed author of Rebecca, a privately published romance novel but also a great friend, a true bosom-buddy, and the reason I met my husband and get to have baby Rose in my life. Clearly I am indebted to her, a point she doesn’t hesitate to remind me about…often. And usually right before the bar tab is settled. Without further ado, I give you…..MammaLamb recounting one of her most epic debacles.

When my friend MumsySus asked me to contribute to the blog this week, a thousand potential topics flitted through my mind. With my busy 16 month old Boss Man wreaking havoc through the house, and soon to arrive Baby Girl working on her karate kicks in utero, the topics seemed endless…but there was one of pressing concern that really stood out. Baby naming.

My husband and I have been together for eight years and during that time we always marveled at how easily we agreed on major life decisions, from wedding invitations to a new sofa. I now see he essentially just acquiesced to everything I wanted…except when it came to naming our son, Boss Man. What started as a fun project, pouring over baby naming books and lists, hanging posters around the house with our top choices, practicing calling “Hey baby (insert my choice of name), it’s dinnertime” soon became a process tense with bickering and a lot less fun. Ten days past my due date, we were still at an impasse with no resolution in sight so when Boss Man was placed on my chest and my husband suggested a name that wasn’t even ON our list that we had mentioned in passing, I weakly said sure.

Word to the wise, agreeing to something and/or suggesting something of such importance post delivery is not advisable. Needless to say it soon became apparent that neither of us really liked the name or thought it fit our son. Three months later, multiple trips to city hall, countless checks written, a court appearance to explain our stupidity as well as the incredulous eye rolls of friends and family burning holes in our backs, our son had an amended birth certificate and his true name.

Actually, it was the only name we agreed on 50/50 but at least the war was over. With Baby Girl we are older, wiser and much more exhausted. I suggested one name, my husband weakly said sure, and I breathed a sigh of relief that the process was over so quickly. Until he recently said we had a few more months to decide…

– MammaLamb

And for those that are interested, here is a photo of MumsySus and MammaLamb during their wild, pre-hubby/baby days, when they were in the navy. MumsySus was a captain with responsibility of the entire ship and MammaLamb was a deckhand primarily in charge of swabbing the deck and securing the riggimgs.



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